3 Amazing Seafood & Beverage Pairings To Ignite Your Taste Buds

Some things simply work better together than with anything else: peanut butter and jelly, stars and stripes, Batman and Robin. Therefore, it helps to find things that are known to successfully pair together to ensure you know what you’re getting is right, especially when it comes to your food and beverage selection. Here are three superb seafood and beverage pairings that are ideal together, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and amplify your taste buds.

Lobster/Crab and Chardonnay

White wines are a classic go-to beverage of choice when the topic revolves around elegant seafood like crab and lobster. The light and subtle flavor of Chardonnay only serves to enhance the flavor of the crustaceans, as opposed to overpowering them. Therefore, this majestic pairing is a winning combination wherever you choose to indulge in it, especially when that location offers the best seafood Plano TX.

Fried Shrimp and Beer

The combination of fried foods and beer can create the perfect culinary treat, and what better way to satisfy your taste buds than with savory fried shrimp, washed down with a cold, refreshing beer? A highlight of sports bars and chain restaurants everywhere, you’re sure to enjoy your meal when these two options are presented at your table, whether you prefer your beer light or dark.

Seafood Gumbo and Merlot

Despite many fish dishes pairing so well with white wine varieties, anything from a light red to a Merlot can pair fantastically with a hearty meal like gumbo. A stew full of many different kinds of seafood, rice and any number of other ingredients allows for a more bodied red to simply complement the entree without diluting the flavor.

When you’re hoping to enjoy a delicious seafood dish, consider this list of truly delectable pairings to give yourself the best chance at loving every bite of your meal.